Monday, June 3, 2013

Couch Hunt is on Today’s Menu

The couch is my most treasured possession inside my condo. Whenever I reorganize my place, the best couch spot is a priority.

My first sofa was a minute Ikea which I bought after college. It was what I purchased on my first pay. That was my most priced possession way back. I have spent most of my time on that sofa. That spot was where I usually stretch out after a tired work day or when I watch my favorite series. Not to mention, my overnight friends have always admired how comfy it was to crash on it. My couch is my home and I love it. But it has been five years. The cozy couch has become old and tattered.

Now, it’s time for me to move on.

The past days, I found myself online browsing or glued to the TV whenever a lifestyle channel was on. Most of these television shows market infinite sofa options that I could choose from. Pinterest and Flickr have also been my constant companion for the last two weeks rummaging more sofa inspiration.

These are some of my options:

This one, i love. if i see something like this at the mall, i would definitely buy! This sofa is so me.
From the looks of this sofa, I'm sure I would love this.
i love the vintage design of this sofa. but, would this fit?

Another bet! Perhaps I'll just but a carpet along with this. But, I also love to have this in my place.

This pool sofa is LOVE! If only I have a pool. LOL

The online and TV search was over. Today, I plan to do a field couch/sofa hunt.  I’ve got no requirements in particular. But since I own a scanty condo, a sofa-cum-bed is most probably my best bet. 

 After three and a half hours scouring different shops, I decided to get this.

Not too extravagant, but I love the feel of this sofa.

Will now snooze for a bit. Ciao!

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