Monday, June 17, 2013

Why Choose A Cheap Sim-Free Cell Phones?

The mobile industry has evolved greatly. The cell phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Wherever we go, we take them with us. Most consumers are not even satisfied with owning one device. They tend to look some cheap cell phones on online stores such as Cellular Country and even on eBay.

The modern-day cheap cell phones offer a number of enhanced attributes. These cheap phones can be extensively classified as SIM free, Contract and Prepaid handsets. Of these three mobile variations, the SIM free cellular phones are most desired among the shoppers. The SIM free cellphone does not carry a SIM card. This card is the network access card of the mobile service firm. Without this card, the user cannot access the network services of the mobile firm. Each card is unique. One cannot access the system of a service provider by using the access card of the different service company.

The SIM free cheap mobile phones are
more cost-effective than the other cellphone variations ie., contract and prepaid. The benefits of the SIM less cellphones are countless. The person who owns this type of cellphone is free to use the network card of his/her choice. These kind of cellphones are generally in line with the GSM technology. Modern GSM devices are filled with the advanced technologies such as 3G interface, top quality. Hence, individual will love the high class attributes of these widgets.

There are numerous cheap cell phones service firms, that offer SIM free mobile deals. These offers usually bear free offers with regards to calling time, internet download, texting etc. In UK, the free cellphone offers are given by the service companies operating in the region such as T-mobile, O2, Virgin etc. Therefore, customers buying these widgets can also get free offers of the mobile service companies. Some times, mobile companies also present their card less gadgets in the market with fabulous products like computer, LCD TV, iphone etc. The other benefit of this type of mobile deal is that, the individual is not restricted to stick with the contract agreement of the network company. If any moment, the phone owner feels discontentment with his/her present service company, then s/he may switch his existing SIM card.

However, there are several demerits of the SIM Free cheap cell phones too. The individuals will not get significant applications when compared with other network companies. Minus these negatives, these phones are best for all classes of mobile consumers just the same.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Couch Hunt is on Today’s Menu

The couch is my most treasured possession inside my condo. Whenever I reorganize my place, the best couch spot is a priority.

My first sofa was a minute Ikea which I bought after college. It was what I purchased on my first pay. That was my most priced possession way back. I have spent most of my time on that sofa. That spot was where I usually stretch out after a tired work day or when I watch my favorite series. Not to mention, my overnight friends have always admired how comfy it was to crash on it. My couch is my home and I love it. But it has been five years. The cozy couch has become old and tattered.

Now, it’s time for me to move on.

The past days, I found myself online browsing or glued to the TV whenever a lifestyle channel was on. Most of these television shows market infinite sofa options that I could choose from. Pinterest and Flickr have also been my constant companion for the last two weeks rummaging more sofa inspiration.

These are some of my options:

This one, i love. if i see something like this at the mall, i would definitely buy! This sofa is so me.
From the looks of this sofa, I'm sure I would love this.
i love the vintage design of this sofa. but, would this fit?

Another bet! Perhaps I'll just but a carpet along with this. But, I also love to have this in my place.

This pool sofa is LOVE! If only I have a pool. LOL

The online and TV search was over. Today, I plan to do a field couch/sofa hunt.  I’ve got no requirements in particular. But since I own a scanty condo, a sofa-cum-bed is most probably my best bet. 

 After three and a half hours scouring different shops, I decided to get this.

Not too extravagant, but I love the feel of this sofa.

Will now snooze for a bit. Ciao!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Just some thought for today…

Months have passed, but it seems that I’ve never had the chance to write about something or even make a short doodle for my blog. Perhaps because I was too busy or I was just plain blank. The passed days, it felt as if my brain just suddenly stopped working. Eh? I don’t make sense, I know. I just felt it.

A person, a thing, a place, a memory or even a small fight... indeed, everyone needs inspiration. A stranger you just met or someone whom you look forward to converse with at the end of a tiring day can be a good start. An inspiration could be a place where you can just lie back and relax or a good ambiance maybe. A memory from the past, some could-have-been’s and should-have’s.

Sometimes people move forward with their lives merely forgetting about the things that makes them alive. Change is inevitable. People come and go. Memories fade. Things go wrong. You may choose to be left behind with no inspiration at all… nothing to write for and nothing to write about.  But missing my inspiration has coerced me to write again…